Comcastic?!? Not So Much…

The blogosphere continues to boil over last week’s findings by The Associated Press that Comcast is actively blocking traffic for BitTorrent, Gnutella, and even LotusNotes (what?).   I could understand, but not necessarily approve, the logic if the activity was limited to legally copyrighted material, but the Bible?  Come on.  The evidence is looking pretty damning at this point, although Comcast continues to deny any sort of deception or wrong-doing, including active traffic-shaping. 

As a current, paying Comcast customer, it’s quite disturbing to think that my traffic may be blocked because Comcast thinks I’m guilty by association (with P2P networks).  The cable industry as a whole has a bit of a tarnished reputation, although they seemed to shine a little brighter over the past few years.  But, it’s actions like this that alientate current and potential consumers on principle, whether they use P2P networks or not.

The ‘Net Neutrality issue seemed to die down a bit over the past few months, but this may have just given it a jumpstart…


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